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  • The dawn of a new age. The need for a new team of heroes.

    Dedicated to helping bring Paragon City to that shining future that is just over the horizon.

    Their time is NOW!

    Their day is HERE!
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    A proud member of the City of Comic Creators, bringing the best in fan-made entertainment for the "City of Heroes" and "City of Villains"

Guardian Roster

Active members of the Guardians of the Dawn

Click on the member’s name (where applicable) to access their “City of Comic Creators” Wiki entry.

Maximus Rex: Current leader of the Guardians. The survivor of an alternate Earth that was decimated by the Rikti.  On his world, mutation equaled nobility.

Captain Paragonna: Founding member and former leader of the Guardians.  She signed up with Paragon PD’s special “Hero Shield” program to create a team of super-powered police officers.  She serves as the liaison between the heroes and the PPD.

Midnight Arachnia: Founding member of the Guardians and one-time co-leader.  Her parents were members of Arachnos who used her as the means to create a new breed of Widow agents.

Arktic Chill: Founding member of the Guardians.

Galatea Powers: She came from a destroyed universe in 2007 and has since struggled to adapt to life here.  She is one of the three “Guardian Exiles”.

MidKnight X: Street vigilante who has made Kings Row his home.  One of the three “Guardian Exiles” who came to this universe in 2007 following the destruction of his home universe.

Ryder Lightning: Super-speed runner.  One of the three “Guardian Exiles” who came to this universe in 2007 following the destruction of his homeworld and the loss of his wife.

Omega Shift: An genetically-created mutant with the ability to control both fire and ice.

Coeur Du Feu: A woman who was once scorned who now uses her pyrokinetic abilities for justice.

Jimmy Hellfighter: A former sailor and jack-of-all-trades with a literal “fiery” temper.

Doc Tor: Mysterious traveler who knows more about the “Guardian Exiles” than he will ever admit to.

Libertarian Avenger: A former “trust fund baby” who was framed by a corrupt prosecutor for a crime he didn’t commit.  He has since cleared his name and has been working to go after the people who framed him.

Lyon Powers: third-generation Welsh superhero, personally trained by Hero 1, and a member of the Dawn Patrol.  She is NOT biologically related to Galatea Powers and had originally considered her to be a fraud, but she has since spent more time learning from her and from the other Guardians.

TashaTiger: Small but scrappy hellcat.

Icon Powers: Older cousin of Galatea Powers.  Although not considered one of the “Guardian Exiles” he is from the same destroyed universe as they are.  He is considered semi-retired due to his age.

Whyspera: A would-be singer who discovered her mutant ability gave her a very powerful voice.

Daybright: The mysterious merging of the late Guardian member Ghostlynk and the Kheldian Talmyia created a being that was more than just the sum of the two.

Pyrogurl: A young hero who was recently given an intern position with the Guardians.

Street Justice: A new hero following in the footsteps of Captain Paragonna.

Rocky Rockrocker: He may be slow, and he may be heavy, but for a stone-based hero, he’s got the heart and determination that puts most heroes to shame.

John Cole (honorary member):  A good man in an otherwise bad place.  He’s related to Paragon City’s greatest superhero, but he was also at one point a member of Arachnos.   He lives in the Rogue Isles, bringing balance to the so-called “City of Villains”.

ExGemini (honorary member): A formerly-ascended being rediscovered his passion for humanity, with a little encouragement from his friend Midnight Arachnia.

Former Members

StarCygnus: A former astronaut whose encounter with the same event that brought the “Guardian Exiles” to Earth changed him.  Following the events in the “Time and Changes” storyline, he was incarcerated for his crimes and is awaiting trial.


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