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Who is ExGemini?

Posted by David 2 on June 10, 2012

He battled head-to-head against Leona Powers.

He almost started a nuclear war just by his arrival.

He owns an island surrounded by heroes, heroines, and even a few known villains living out their wildest fantasies.

He’s turned down the offer to join the Guardians of the Dawn, and yet he is still ready to aid them in any way possible.

And yet the question remains…

Who is ExGemini?

Or maybe a more appropriate question would be WHAT is he?

In “The Guardian Powers” #7, the fallen angel Tainted Eve comments that what we see of Ex may or may not be his “true form”.  If she’s right, then what is he if he isn’t human?  And why does he call himself “formerly-ascended”?  How powerful is he REALLY?

Find out on June 15th when “The Guardian Powers” #8 is released!


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