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WHGP Interview with Galatea Powers

Posted by David 2 on August 9, 2012

Recently, the folks at WeHeartGalateaPowers.para were contacted by Galatea Powers for a brief interview in between various missions.  We were given permission to post the full interview below where she talks about family, Galaxy City, and why she loves smoothies.

You can see more of Galatea Powers when Issue #10 of “The Guardian Powers” goes on line on August 15th.

Galatea Speaks With WHGP!

It’s rare for fans and supporters of Paragon City’s TRUE GUARDIAN to actually be able to spend time with the subject of our fixation.  Quite often our legions of ledge-sitters and camera-ninjas are forced to get quick appearances of Galatea Powers as she is busy saving the day.

So imagine our surprise when we here at WHGP got a phone call from Galatea herself wanting to meet with us.

We met up with her at a certain restaurant in Overbrook (aka Faultline), where she was enjoying one of her signature drinks; a berry-banana smoothie.

WeHeartGalateaPowers: So how have you been? We don’t normally see you in this part of Paragon City.
Galatea Powers: I’ve been pretty busy. The bad guys don’t take a day off, so neither can I. The street gangs never stop hassling citizens. The Vahzilok never stop looking for fresh body parts. The Clockwork never stop scavenging devices. And even when those groups cut back, there’s always the Rikti or the Devouring Earth, or even the Shivans.

WHGP: We know you lost some good friends in the devastation of Galaxy City last September.
GP: So did a lot of other people. Ordinary people. People without powers or abilities. We all lost friends and loved ones and acquaintances that day, and I know that everything is being done to find what happened to them one way or another.

WHGP: Some people are asking why you aren’t leading the rescue if you’re so sure that there are still survivors.
GP: And I was there when the incident first happened. But with these new Shivans, especially the monster-level ones, it’s hard to overcome them and still rescue those people still alive there; and I know that even months after the devastation, there are some people still hanging on in basements and damaged buildings. I have faith in my friend Jimmy Hellfighter and the other members of the rescue team that they will find those that are still missing, and when they need help, they always know that I’m just a quick call away.

WHGP: We can’t help but notice you’ve had several different outfits in the past year. While most people see you wearing your current black outfit, you’ve also been seen wearing black armor, and you’ve also worn what can be best described as a black formal version of your original outfit. How many outfits do you have, and is there a reason for them?
Yes, I have several outfits, and given the workout I put through each of them, you can imagine that I would have more than just one of each. Obviously this one is the one I wear most often because it’s comfortable. But when it comes to certain situations like fighting the Rikti, I’ll need something a little more durable. That’s why have those other outfits. As much as some of my fans wouldn’t mind seeing me flying around in next-to-nothing, or less, I do have a reputation to protect here.

WHGP: Okay, we have to ask, because we don’t get too many opportunities to… WHAT IS with the smoothies?  We always hear about you enjoying one when you’re not saving the day.
The short answer is that I just love them.

WHGP: And the long answer?
Well the long answer is that they help replenish some of the energy expended from saving the day, especially when you’re flying around a lot like I do.  That was one of the little tricks I picked up when I first started out here in Paragon City. One of the other heroes noticed that I was tiring a little too easily after flying, so she suggested I get a smoothie, and that seemed to make all the difference, so after that, I’d enjoy one whenever I can.

WHGP: Any other tips you can share with your loyal fans? Is there any specific smoothie or smoothie mix you can suggest?
I like the berry-banana smoothies because they taste good.  But I don’t go for the added supplements, if that’s what your asking about. You know, the mega-power additives some people put in their smoothies.  They really wouldn’t work on me anyway.  A year or so, a big company – and I won’t say which one – asked if I would endorse their smoothie mix, but I turned them down when I saw what they wanted to put in it. All the products I use in my smoothies are all-natural and I wouldn’t want to have my name attached to anything that wasn’t such.

WHGP: And now I have to fight the urge to ask you what else is “all-natural”.
(Giggles) Thank you.  But… (whispering) yes, they are.  Just to get that out of the way.

WHGP: Changing subjects… have you heard anything about your sister, Leona Powers?
That’s a pretty sore subject for me. I didn’t even realize I had a sister until recently. I was going through some… problems… with my life. I know you guys were documenting some of them. And then when I’m getting those taken care of, a sister I didn’t know I had suddenly claims that I’m dead.

WHGP: Well OBVIOUSLY that’s not the case!
Yeah… Anyway, I don’t know what happened to her. She was teleported away before we could help her, and I haven’t heard anything more from her.

WHGP: Speaking of family, can we ask you about your relationship with Icon Powers? We’ve heard he’s your cousin, but at times he’s acted more like your father. So which is it?
(Looks nervously.) That’s… a little complicated. He’s raised me as his daughter, but only because my birth-father couldn’t. And I’ve always thought of him as more my older cousin than as a father.

WHGP: So is he your cousin or–
(Interrupts.) I’d rather not go into that right now. I’m running a bit late.

WHGP: Well we certainly do appreciate you spending some time with us. You do know that you have tens of thousands of fans worldwide, and we are honored that you would spend some time with us.
Well I do appreciate all the fans that I have. I’m actually overwhelmed just knowing there are so many people interested in little ol’ me. (Flashes smile and interviewer nearly melts.)

WHGP: Okay, one last question… do you do shawarma?
You know I never really got the whole thing about shawarma! I mean, yeah, I heard some hero movie had a scene at the end where they all just sat around eating it, but I really don’t see the whole appeal about it. It’s an okay meal, but I’d rather have a chicken wrap… and a smoothie.

Interview provided by WeHeartGalateaPowers.para – the most popular fan center for all things about Galatea Powers!


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